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LBR-AC2E  Access Controller
Product Info

LBR-AC2E access controllers has been developed to provide best performance for mid- to large-size buildings, they have been designed to be flexible, scalable and interchangeable ,with the usage of latest technology,our controllers provide fast , reliable and real-time access control to integrated security systems.

LBR-AC2E can operate both networked with other controllers and stand-alone mode, in networked mode; they can be expanded upto 128 units and 256 doors for single system installation.Our controllers form the best access management solution for offices, hotels hospitals and all other multi-floor buildings.


Capacity: 45,000 User
Reader Port: 2 ports
Door Support: 2 doors
Event Memory: 50,000 event
Antipassback: Yes
Inputs: 4 fully programmable inputs
Outputs: 3 programmable relay output
Communication: Ethernet
Enviroment: -5°C to +50°C, 0 to 95%RH
Power Consumption: 6W @ 12 VDC